Braun Electric Shavers Collection

It’s true that you’ve heard of what is the best braun shaver! Now let me to discuss more about this manufacturer’s brand. I bet you wouldn’t uncertainty about the shaving quality offered by Braun technology that started from the mid-20th century. All these years, it has perfected its own much-envied foil shaving method.

Braun Series 1-150
Remaining true to the promise of Braun Series 1, Braun 150 Edition comes at a modest bundle compact with excellent foil shaving methods. In reality, it sports an ergonomic foil shaver with a decent handle extending to the wide-screen shaver head. and making it effective in bringing out shut and speedy shaving purpose. You heard me right! The additional wide shaver head speeds up the shaving action. And it is further equipped with smart foil element that catches more hair follicles in fewer glides.
Braun Series 3-350cc
Moving on, Braun Series 3 is created as another smart foil shaver. It is hard-working but tender to the skin. Actually, Braun 350cc is equipped with unique components to whiten your skin while slaying unwanted hairs. Due to the floating shaver head that closely follows the contours of the face. Subsequently, it effectively shaves off short and long hairs, equally. And the device handles to safeguard your skin throughout the shaving procedure. This means you are spared out of all of these facial nicks and cuts.
Braun Series 5-590cc
No more concerns about tough shaving places.Braun Series 5 Features adaptable shaver head that deals with hard-to-shave areas. And it applies to Braun 590cc variant which works best in tough shaving places. Fortunately, those facial hairs lying on delicate areas won’t be spared by the 33-degree shaving movement. Even those flat lying hairs will probably be shaven off throughout the Active Lift technologies. Rest assured you will get no less than a uniform shave.